Draught Proofing

Air Tightness Products: Air leakage is a major cause of energy loss, typically around 20% in older houses, from space heating. In modern houses, where heat loss is less through other means, ventilation counts for a higher proportion - estimated at between 35 - 40%. We have a range of air leakage products that will suit all applications.

Draught Proofing Systems: Uncontrolled leakage of air through gaps in dwellings, in general results in unnecessary heat loss and discomfort to the occupants from draughts. One of these routes is through gaps around windows and doors, draught proofing can greatly reduce this leakage. Draught proofing your home can have a profound effect, with a typical home losing up to 20% of its heat through air leakage.

Sun Tubes: Tubular Roof light systems are used to bring natural daylight into internal rooms and spaces that have no, or insufficient, windows. They are an effective and efficient means of maximising natural daylight in dark areas and can eliminate the need for supplementary electric lighting during the day, saving money on lighting costs.